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Reached Heart And Soul Of Korea Through K-POP & K-Drams

   Hello Friends I AM Virendra Rathod From Pune India.
I am A Huge Fan Of K-POP And A Sone!After Seeing The Music Video Of Gee By Girl's Generation In 2010.Since Then I Have Been Dreaming Of Visiting Korea & Meet K-POP Idols N See Them Performing Live In Concert.By Following There Songs I came Across With Various Type of K-drams & TV shows Through Which I came To know About The Culture, Traditions, Beautiful Jeju island, Awesome tourists spots across Korea & Food Of Korea!        





Latest Album of T-ara "Sexy Love" Which Is Gaining Popularity by Its Amazing Robotic Moves and Catchy Music!


"Girl's Generation"

"The Boys" Which was Released last year in October which was also world hit as it was released in English Language also Including Korean,Japanese language,with Amazing Dance Moves N they Did Bring The Boys Out!    

I am so Eager To Meet Girl's Generation (SNSD)In SM Town With Other Groups Such As F(X),Super Junior &T-ARA,SISTAR,2NE1,KARA If I get Any Opportunity Hope So Figures Crossed.As K-POP has reach every corner of the world and Left its Impression on Everyone it Touches!I would Loved to Visit K-POP Live Concert as There haven't been any Concerts of K-POP Here in India.
*Once You Have Entered The World Of K-POP You Will Never Find Your Way Out* 

"EverySing Studio"

Wanna Take My Picture With these Cut outs Of
K-POP  Idols !!

Everysing is in Myeong-dong were we can watch unreleased videos of our favorite Korean celebrities and can record audio or video in a singing room. Everysing is a fun place where I want to take pictures with cutouts of celebrities like Girls' Generation etc. Were I can purchase CDs, stickers, photos and even chocolates made with Korean celebrities on them. The store is operated by 
SM Entertainment.
This Is A Must Visit Place and I would be on 9th cloud If I could go there.


"Korean-Drams & Various TV-Shows"

K-Drams Are Also Gaining Popularity Worldwide with there beautiful locations and  K-POP Idols are Playing Major Roles In it.There Was A Korean Drama Which Was dubbed in Hindi was Telecast On Our National Network Channel Doordarsan for about 1 year Named "Jewel In the Palace" It had Amazing Traditional Dress Shown In it. Shows Such As Invincible Youth And Running Man shows a playful sides of our K-POP Idols and Addition to it these shows are shot in various different locations.So its Just A fest for the fans.

"Jewel In The Palace"
Jewel In The Palace was the First Korean Drama which Was Dubbed In Hindi Language Which Aired On Our National Channel Doordarsan From September 2007.

"Invincible Youth 2"

It Shows how the Korean Celebrity’s do the tasks in rural area Such as Farming, Making food and play different Funny Games! Would Love to Visit the On Location and would like to be a Part of "Invincible Youth 2" with other G5 Members.

"Gag Concert"

OMG This The Funniest Program That I had ever watched.It Includes many Korean Stars to Be a Part of a Stand Up Comedy.I Would like to be a Part of audience N Loved To Meet Shin Bora!

"Taeyeon,Tiffany And Seohyun"(TaeTiseo)In "Gag Concert"

"Love Rain"

Most Romantic Soap Opera With Im Yoona And Jang-Keun-Suk In Lead Role.I Just Fall In Love with This Serial With Lots of Tons of Aeyego (Cuteness) Shown By "Yoona" 


"To Learn Korean Language"
  To Understand Any Culture,Tradition in Depth of any Country You Love The most we should understand there language.I Would Like Learn Korean Language from its Origin Place.One Reason For Learning Korean Is to Understand The K-POP Songs & Drams.The Pronunciations Of Jya,Cha,Pya Etc. are those similar to Japanese Language Which I am Learning. So It Wont Take Long Time To Learn Korean.Though I have Learned Quite A few Words!!



"Visiting Various Landmarks And Historical Monuments"

Korea Is Filled With Many Important Modern Man-Made Marvels Architecture & Prehistoric Architecture.

"Important Modern Man-Made Marvels Architecture"
First Must See Is The Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul, Korea is the world’s longest bridge fountain with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides that is 1,140m long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute.That Only I have Seen In Photographs or on TV.But To Watch it Real & Feel the Water Drops on my Face Would Be A Amazing Experience.  

"Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul"

"Another Man-Made Marvel Is 
"The Namsan Tower Or Seoul Tower"
I Would Like To Have Dinner From 777ft Rotating Restaurant And Enjoy The Night Spectacular View Of Seoul from above.  

Namsan Tower on Top And Below It A Spectacular View Of Seoul In From The Tower and Below The Namsan Car Cable Which Goes Up the Mountain till The Tower.

Would Like To Attach The Padlock And Throw the Key Away so That My Love could Become Eternal!   

"63 Building" Which One Of Its Kind as tallest gold-cladded structure in the world Which Glows on Sunrise for About 20 minutes or so.Its Just Like The Hollywood Movie Mackenna's Gold & Worth Watching.It Is Situated in Yeouido Island. 

"This Is When The Sun Starts To Rise"

"This After The Sun Is Completed Rise Its Just Glows As If there is Another Sun in Seoul." 

"The Diamond Bridge in Busan"
The Diamond Bridge Which Is Busan,this is a two-story bridge that connects Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-gu and offers an astonishing view of mountains, sandy beaches, hills and city lights at Night. These All Above The Modern Age Man Made Marvels would like to visit them all Gods know when the time comes :D

"Prehistoric Architectures"

"The Changdeokgung Palace"  


In East of Seoul Which is a must see as
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where We Get to See the Traditional Style Of the Korean Architecture Which Is Made up Of Woods and Pile Of Stones In the Base. 


 "Gyeongbokgung Palace"
This Is Also A UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
It Is Located In Northern Seoul & Its Similar as Changdeokgung Palace!
But Both This Places Are The Must See Site.
There are Total 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Including The 2 That I have Mention Above.

 "National Museum Of Korea"

To Learn More About Korea There is not any other Better Place then The National Museum itself.Which Is six stories above ground and one below.It host a variety of programs and cultural events in conjunction with the Children’s Museum and permanent exhibitions which are tourists Attraction.

"To Discover Taekwondo in Korea"

The roots of Taekwondo belong to Taekkyeon,a traditional martial art form. It turns,the roots of Taekkyeon can be traced as far back as tribal times in Korea.

To Learn Some Skills In Taekwondo From Its Birth Place!



"Visiting Beach's & Natures Wonders Island Around Korea"

"Seopjikoji Jeju Island"

The scenery of Seopjikoji has also been captured by several Korean films and dramas.This is A Paradise On Earth Or Heaven On Earth.I have read many articles on this Island which is the ultimate Tourists Destination.Its A Must Visit Destination.Its Also Known as volcanic island located southwest of Korea.This Island is Also A UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  

"Hyeopjae Beach"

It is covered with white sands, offset by deep blue colored outcroppings which jut out into the turquoise water. 

"Amazing Top View of A Volcanic Curve"

Located four kilometers southwest from Anmyeon-eup, this cream-colored beach is the ideal place to go for watching the sun sink into the ocean between two large rock formations known as the Granny Rock and the Grandpa Rock.An Amazing Creation By God.

"Ggotji Beach"

"Uleung Island Seaside Road"
This Island Is also Known As the "Mysterious Island"I am an nature Lover kind so love the scenes of waterfalls,Forests N Mountains.
Paradise With Amazing views for Photography too..  

"Hallasan National Park"
This National Park Is Located Itself in Jeju Island & A UNESCO Heritage Site.It is the tallest mountain in South Korea and a dormant volcano, which rises 1,950 meters above sea level. It has Many types Plants & Animals In this Park.I would to explore the national park more as I love Nature and Animals.


7.    "Going Shopping"

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is a hugely popular market in Seoul. Open since 1964, this traditional whole sale/retail area sells just about everything.Right Place To Buy Some Traditional Souvenirs.

"Traditional Shoes Available In Stores" 

"HanBok For Mens"
It is always a wonderful place to find a mix of modern and traditional attire known commonly as fusion Hanbok.But Not Only Fusion Hanbok but I want to Try out  Traditional Hanbok and Shoes.
To Know better about Korean Latest Amazing Fashions Trends.  
Seoul have a plethora of places where both men and women can get quality beauty products.I have also came to known that we can use free samples too before buy any Products.

"Beauty Products Available In Malls"

We Can Find Branded Cosmetic Products in the big department stores like Lotte,Hyundai and Shinsegae all carry an assortment of name brand items.Because these products are being endorse by Many Korean Celebrity's its Gaining Popularity among-est the Young generation and I am also the one in thousands.
COEX Mall is an underground Shopping Mall located in Gangnam-gu Seoul. It is Asia's largest underground shopping mall with an area of about 85,000 square meters.Its Has Many Shop so we can get anything we wish for under one-roof.If we get tired of shopping there are 2 big food courts to settle down the fire in our stomach.If we get bored by Shopping there is 16-screen multi-cinema complex and A COEX Aquarium.
So there are Lots of thing to Do but for that I should reach there first!!

I Want To Attend An"Traditional Korean Marriage Ceremony"Which Really Fascinates Me A lot.They are having Colorful Hanbok Dress.I Loved To have one of those.


"Korean  Cuisine"

As the topic of food comes no one can resists themselves to try it so do I.The Base Of all Korean Cuisine Is Rice.In India and Korea we eat lot of spicy food so I loved spicy food.The Most famous Dish That I heard on Internet,TV shows such as Running Man N Invincible Youth is about Kimichi it is made up of Cabbage with many other spices. There are many other dishes which are made by Kimichi as a main ingredient such as Pickles, Kimichi stew, Kimichi Fried Rice N Kimchi Soup.But Kimchi is Banchan(side dishes). 

Gwanjang Market

"Gwanjang Market" Is Famous For Its Street Food In Seoul.It Has so many Types Of Food vendors that we get confuse what to eat and what not.This is the Best Place To Taste the Food for a Newcomer who has it first visit Like Me. 


So These All Are The Things That I want to DO when I Visit Korea.One Thing Happened while searching for the Content I came across with many new things that I wasn't aware of The Country I Love.

"Saranghaeyo Korea"
All The Above Photos Does Not Belong To Me I have Taken It From
Korean Tourism website
K-POP Fan Sites

And From Google Search Engine.

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