Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fun Time In Korea!!

 Fun-Time In Korea.
    Everland Resort is a Theme Park in Yongin which was opened in 1976. It is the largest theme park in Korea & ranked 13th in the world ranking of theme parks.It is Run by Samsung Group.It has many attractions such as:
  • T Express is the wooden roller coaster which is the 6th longest wooden roller coaster in the world & its also the steepest!!
  • Jigu Maul(Global Village) it is a first dark boat ride which shows worldwide cultures,traditions with the help of dolls & iconic miniatures from more than 18 countries.
  • Zoo Topia is were animals from many countries are brought such Tigers,Lions,Elephants and so on.Here there is a safari bus ride in which we can see animal closely.
and many more you just have to be there to enjoy it.
Everland Resort

Lotte World is situated in the heart of City(Seoul) which was opened in 1989.It is the worlds largest theme park which is also a Guinness world record.It has monorails,shopping malls,luxury hotels,various sports facilities,thrilling rides,a lake,lasers shows,ice rink & movie theater all in one place. Magic Island which is situated outdoors with a magical castle.Many Korean dramas are shot in this locations.But it is famous for its Thrilling rides such as Gyro Drop & Gyro swing which have a steep drop of 70 meters.There is also a spanish pirate ship which swings 75 deg. 

So Everland & Lotte world This two theme park are must visit if  you would like to have some Thrill,Entertainment & Fun added to your trip!!

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