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My Best Place In Korea

Myeong-Dong means "Bright Town" Because of its all lighting sign boards !
I  got a chance to visit Myeong-Dong last November where winter was at the Doorstep of Korea.The Temp. was around 2 degrees yeah it was freezing cold as just before my arrival it had snowed a bit in morning!

Myeong-Dong its just a shoppers heaven !!Girls are going to be in an world of beauty products heaven you just have to enter any shops or mall I am sure that you just can't be satisfied until your hand's are over full with bags but one thing is important must carry a lot of cash for it.There is no need to worry about any language barriers as there are many shop have English speaking persons to help you out.In a shopping block radius of few streets will feel as if going round & round at the same place because there are at least 5 of each big Korean names cosmetic's brand shops in proximity close to each other.
This are just shops but there are huge shopping mall's such as Lotte fit-in, Shinsegae department store,Migliore, H&M,Zara,Noon Square & M Plaza.

Thanks to the Seoul City Government for making it a cars free area so that pedestrian can walk freely !
It was declared a Special Tourism Promotion Area In March 2000 !!
Myeongdong also has a stop of the official Seoul's City Tour Bus main route.

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One thing is most fascinating about the cosmetic shops that they give you a free sample to try out that not a pack at but there itself. There is so much competition for each stores so they keep a employ out of there stores standing on the streets to encourage people to come in there stores & have a look even in chilly winters tough job!!

 Even Korean Cosmetic Brands have the K-POP effect as the have appointed many K-pop stars as there brand ambassador  !

Check out My Video below a walk on Myeong-Dong Street

If you don't get any stores or keep circling the streets with no clue where you are...
Just search for the red jacket & Cap with a Exclamation mark on it they are the person you need the most right now.As they are the tourist guide with all the Info. you need & they are very friendly!!

After Cosmetic Shopping it was time to Shop some K-POP Cd's as I am a Huge SONE (i.e Fan of SNSD)
of Girl's Generation,T-ara, 2NE1, MissA & so so on.......
So I rushed to a K-Pop Mall Store which was a 3 floor's mall only for all the Hallyu Stuff but I just wanted to buy K-pop cd's so me & my friends rushed to the 2nd floor section where there were all k-pop world which I have never seen !!
Finally I bought SNSD's "I got a Boy",T-ara's "Again" & 2NE1's "Falling in Love" Cd's !

Check out My Video Below !!

After all the shopping & running every where on the streets it was time for some snacks.As it was winter so we were in search of fish shaped pastry "Bungeoppang" lucky the stall was not far away!
It Was Yummy :P

After Shopping, Snacks we were planing for Namsan Tower but unfortunately our schedule was packed.
So we just took a look from far away!!
My wish list for Namsan Tower is have a Romantic Dinner in the revolving restaurant which rotates every 48 min.with a Amazing night view of Seoul & tie a pad lock to the fence so that my love becomes eternal !
Here's the click which I took from far away !!    

Another thing That I missed there was to Visit Everysing Studio run by SM Entertainment.
Wow I would have been on Cloud Nine.There they have some huge cut outs of SNSD where we can take pictures,Autograph CD's/DVD's , many kind of souvenir's  & the special one it has a Norabang that is a Karaoke where we can sing our favorite songs with loud music & special effect lights !!

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So My Best Place in Korea is Myeongdong which has everything right from foreign products to all the local stuff that's why its always buzzing with tourists.For experiencing  it you have to be there as any time is just perfect to visit.

So which is Your Best Place in KOREA??

All The Above Pics Belong To me except some few which I have Mentioned !!

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